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Spring migration begins for some birds in February and is in full swing by the beginning of April. The first and last light song symphony of birds is an angelic chorus performed by all birds. From robins to finches the sweet songs greet and end each day with the sun.

Here on the grounds of the Eagles Nest Inn, many species can be seen. Check out the on site bird list for some of the local species seen regularly at various times of the year. The feeding stations and the birdbath are two areas to keep an eye out for the latest goings on. There is a constant stream of entertainment from a wide variety of folks. Just look at some of the regulars.

In March and April the rufous hummingbirds return to nest on the Island from their winter vacation grounds in Latin America. These beautiful and extraordinary little birds will liven any environment they call home. The flight skills and operations of the brightly orange-red males are amazing. They delight in large Ferris wheel like flight patterns and are very verbal while doing so. They usually are in the area only a few months and by mid July start the long journey South again.

Whidbey Island’s sandy beaches, protected coves and wetlands are rest stops for thousands of shorebirds in the Spring and Fall. This stunning drama can be seen at Crocket Lake. Flocks of swirling sand pipers or dunlin can be viewed attempting to evade menacing peregrin falcon or merlin. The highest volume of birds in the Fall migration are in the months of September and October. But often Migration to southern points are often still in November and December.

During the winter months the Island has large numbers of murres, loons and gulls that winter over. Ancient murrelts are regularly seen during November and December.

Birding is a four season opportunity. The beautiful thing is that each season offers those who wander Whidbey very special experiences, surprising diversity and tranquil beauty.

2 photos of birds, one of birdseed feeder.

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