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Our property is a registered backyard wildlife sanctuary and is located adjacent the 600 acre Metcalf Trust, Putney woods and Saratoga Woods public forest land and woodland trails. Most of the native trees and shrubs found in the Pacific Northwest coastal region can be found on our grounds and we are happy to point out some of the varieties to those from other areas of the country. Early morning walks down the moss trail will present you with the sights and sounds of the forest, and may give sightings of blacktail deer, a variety of birds, native cotton-tail bunnies and squirrels. Skirting the edge of the wetland bog and across the open pasture you will encounter century old stumps and nurse trees that remain on the property for wildlife habitat. Note: Look for the spring board notches on the old stumps as these trees where cut a century ago when the lumber industry cut trees by hand. Our property is representative of some of the oldest second generation growth remaining on the island. Today’s forest industry is cutting third generation growth for the lumber needs of today’s industry.

Since we are a nesting area for many bird species, bring your binoculars to watch the tree tops and listen to the songs of the different birds. Song is the language of birds and they have different songs to communicate. See if you can hear the “chickadee..dee..dee”, when you hear this repeated in rapid repetition at a high pitch the Chickadee is warning the other birds and critters of your approach into the forest.

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In the spring, the grounds of the Inn from April to July are nesting areas for Rufous Hummingbird. The aerial shows of this Hummingbird are some of the most impressive. 

You will delight in the quick movements and verbal exclamations of this little orange-red Hummingbird.

Rhododendrons, Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedar, native shrubs, and wild berries create a friendly and supportive environment for local forest birds and creatures. Our bird feeding stations are always alive with feathered activity. Many of our guests ask us about our different strategies for feeding different song bird varieties. We are home to countless birds, native red fir squirrels, chipmunks, quail and rabbit. Blacktail deer can often be seen in the lower pasture and eagles soaring in the sky or perched in our tall firs. Our habitat and the adjacent woods have some of the oldest second generation forest remaining on the Island and our grounds have been registered with National Wildlife Federation and WA. State Fish and Wildlife as a backyard wildlife sanctuary since 1996. Eagles Nest Inn Bed and Breakfast place devoted to nature and the Inn is in the center of it all.

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